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From CFF 63 onward there will be occasional downloads with additional material.

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The San Andreas Puzzle (2) - Supplement

CFF 63, pp27

TheTetrahedral Ball Pyramid and its structure.- Supplement

CFF 66, pp19

Pentomino Railways.- Supplement

CFF 67, pp16

Tiling Squares with Two Different Pentominoes - Supplement

CFF 68, pp16

Lights Out Revisited - Supplement

CFF 68, pp33

Early History of the Tangram in Germany

Original Manuscript

CFF 72

Rubik Sudoku

CFF 72


CFF 73


CFF 73


CFF 73

Trinity Cut Out and instructions

CFF 74

Twenty Part Puzzle

CFF 74

E-Cube Instructions

CFF 78

Classification of Polyspheres

CFF 81

Slim Polyomino Subsets

CFF 85

Solving Wrecked Angles

CFF 85

Double-Sided Polyomino Jigsaw 1

CFF 86

Double-Sided Polyomino Jigsaw 2

CFF 86

Greek puzzles

CFF 84-86

Pennyhedra supplemental material

CFF 93

Design of N-ary Mechanical Puzzles

CFF 95


CFF 95

Some material still to be added…


Hexagonal Ball Pyramid Puzzles

CFF 106

Rhombic Polyhedra supplement

CFF 110

Platonic Solids folding plans

CFF 110

Crystalline puzzles folding plans

CFF 111

xmpuzzle file - George Miller

CFF 115

Folding Plans

CFF 117


CFF 118