CFF is the acronym for

"Cubism For Fun".

Cubism For Fun

Ciubism For Fun is the newsletter of the Nederlandse Kubus Club. Cubism For Fun is a A5-size newsletter which appears three time each year. Cubism For Fun is a bundle of articles written by the "members" of NKC. A board of Editors reviews submitted articles and helps preparing them for CFF.

Content of CFF

The content of Cubism For Fun very much depends on what is submitted by individual "Members" of NKC. Cubism for Fun does however have a "standard" format, which comprises:

  • Front page;
  • Colophon with information about NKC and CFF;
  • Editorial with an introduction to the newsletter, reminders and specific news;
  • Articles on various puzzle-subject and reviews of puzzle-events that have taken place;
  • Book and Magazines, a column with the latest news on books and magazines about puzzles;
  • Puzzle News, a column with news about and reviews of puzzles;
  • Back page with the content of the newsletter.


Submission for CFF

Submissions for CFF should be send to the Board of Editors. In principle any editor is fine, but it is preferred that submissions are send to the coordinator of the board at Submissions can be delivered in many forms, but a copy-ready version in Word is preferred. Directions for authors are available (CFF Style Notes).


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