CFF 86


CFF 86 has been distributed November, 2011

CFF 86 has the following content:


Rik van Grol

IPP31 Theme Puzzle Award

Roman Götter

Rotational Gravity Puzzles

Pantazis Constantine Houlis

Developing Topsy Turvy and Number Planet

Oskar van Deventer and Igor Kriz

Greek Puzzles and Enigmas: a Paradox? (Part 2)

Pantazis Constantine Houlis

Sliding Block Puzzles in the Hist. Collection of ING

Annette Beentjes

2011 Puzzle Design Competition

Rik van Grol

A Mechanical Puzzle from the Renaissance

Bret Rothstein

IPP 31 Exchange Puzzles from ‘Small Countries’

Frans de Vreugd

Double-Sided Polyomino Jigsaw Puzzles

Edo Timmermans

Books and Magazines

Rik van Grol

Puzzle News (30)

Rik van Grol