CFF 84


CFF 84 has been distributed March, 2011

CFF 84 has the following content:


Rik van Grol

The Ultimate Bandaged Cube

Andreas Nortmann

A Travelogue to my Puzzle Designs

Vesa Timonen

Piece Sets of Megaminx

Andreas Nortmann



Directory of Puzzle Collectors & Puzzle Sellers

Rik van Grol

Solving p /6 Wrecked Angles

John Blasdale

Greek Puzzles and Enigmas: a Paradox? (Part 1)

Pantazis Constantine Houlis

Solving Tony Fisher’s Ball in a Cube

Dieter Gebhardt

Sphere Octahedron Puzzles

George Bell

Tangram and Beyond (3)

Fred Horn

Puzzle News (28)

Rik van Grol