CFF 76


CFF 76 has been distributed July, 2008

CFF 76 has the following content:


Rik van Grol

The Madeira Puzzle Boxes

Peter Hajek

Even More Remarkable Dexterity Puzzles

James Dalgety

Analysis of the Algorithme 6 Puzzle

Dick Hess

The Mirror Paradox

Andreas Röver

3´ 3´ 3 £ 23 - Or how many turns to solve Rubik’s Cube

Rik van Grol

Puzzling Mechanisms

Oskar van Deventer

R. Journet Jigsaws

James Dalgety

Solving Fisher’s Puckube

Dieter Gebhardt

Dutch Cube Day 28


A Number Challenged

Ton Delsing

Books and Magazines

Rik van Grol

Puzzle News (20)

Rik van Grol