CFF 65


CFF 65 will be distributed in November, 2004

CFF 65 has the following content:


Rik van Grol

Visiting Puzzle Makers

Frans de Vreugd

Tangram Cubes: A Collaborative Effort

Peter Rasmussen and Wei Zhang

Oskar's Exotics

Oskar van Deventer

The Wheel with Bent Spokes

Edo Timmermans

What's New in Polyomino Puzzles and Their Design

Stewart Coffin & Jerry Slocum

The Search for a Cube Puzzle

Marc van Kreveld

Mathematical Tangram

Bruno Curfs

Puzzling Japan 2004

Frans de Vreugd

The Mongolian Puzzle Museum

Chris Morgan

2004 Puzzle Design Competition

Rik van Grol

Using BCPBox & GENDA

Frans de Vreugd

Cube Transformations

Tony Fisher

Dutch Cube Day 24

Christian Eggermont

Puzzles in Public (23)

Joop van der Vaart

Books and Magazines

Rik van Grol

Puzzle News (9)

Rik van Grol