CFF 59


CFF 59 has been distributed in November, 2002

CFF 59 has the following content:


Rik van Grol

Polyominoes inside Circles

Pieter Torbijn

Cross-of-Ovals Puzzles

Dieter Gebhardt 

Puzzles from Rumania

Frans de Vreugd

Covering a Cube with Congruent Polyominoes (2)

Pieter Torbijn

Solitair Duo

Paul van Leeuwen

Seventeen Puzzle Solved

Dieter Gebhardt

Disconcentric Discon Discs

Hajo Luers

Pentomino Bridges

Pieter Torbijn

IPP 22 Antwerp

Rik van Grol

2002 Puzzle Design Competition

Gary Foshee

Dutch Cube Day 22

Leo Links

Members Meeting at DCD 22

NKC Club Committee

NKC Surplus and CFF 75

Rik van Grol

Directory of Puzzle Collectors & Puzzle Sellers

 Rik van Grol

Puzzles in Public (17)

Joop van der Vaart

Books and Magazines

Rik van Grol

Puzzle News (3)

Rik van Grol