Directory of Puzzle Collectors & Puzzle Sellers

Please read here about the Directory of Puzzle Collectors & Puzzle Sellers

In 2012 the seventh edition has been published. In January 2007 the sixth edition was published. Please return here for the latest news relating the Directory.

It is time for a new Directory (2018). We are currently working on a website to allow members to update their information online. This will significantly reduce the effort required for producing the directory. So please have some more patience.


Schedule for next Directory

If you are already in the Directory, you will be contacted to update your information. You will be contacted by e-mail, so make sure that I have your correct e-mail address (check the e-mail address in the 2012 Directory). To make sure, send me your correct e-mail address in any case.

If you are not in the Directory but would like to be included (free) please send me your email address asking me to be included in the Directory.

If you are a member of NKC you will be contacted through the NKC address-list. Again e-mail will be used, so make sure that e-mail address in the yearly members list is correct. For the 2012 Directory no surface mail will be used.


Application forms

If you are already in the Directory, please wait to be contacted (but make sure I have your e-mail address).

[Please find application forms on this location as soon as they are ready.]


Get a copy of the 2012 Directory

You can get a copy of the 2012 Directory provided you are listed in the Directory or will be listed in the next issue. Payments will go via the Treasurer of NKC (details are on the second page of each CFF). Please contact me about payment details if you are not a member of NKC.


Please contact me about the Directory at: Rik van Grol.